Indian Railways

Indian Railways has decided not to cancel any further passenger trains because the coal supply has stabilised.

On May 1, the national transporter cancelled 42 passenger trains to prioritise coal rake movement around the country. The South East Central Railway (SECR) is responsible for 34 of the 42 cancelled trains, while Northern Railways is responsible for eight.

This is an ‘interim measure,’ according to railway officials, and cancellations have occurred on non-priority sectors and less-busy routes.

To fulfil current power demand, the Coal Ministry recently requested that Railways run roughly 422 coal rakes daily.

On April 28, Power Minister RK Singh stated that power shortages are occurring in various states due to nonpayment of generation businesses. States, according to Singh, was not lifting native coal on a war footing, increasing fuel imports, and allowing high fuel costs to be passed through.

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