Youth Engagement

This year’s Chelsea Flower Show promises a delightful twist as children take the lead, with junior judges and an exclusive “no adults allowed” garden stealing the spotlight.

As the show kicks off in London, King Charles and Queen will grace the event alongside celebrities. A significant highlight awaits at the first garden co-designed by primary school children, showcasing youthful creativity.

The show, opening to the public shortly, introduces a captivating “no adults allowed” garden, negotiated into admission by RHS director general Clare Matterson. Grown-ups keen on witnessing this unique creation must make eco-conscious pledges or find floral representation of their names.

In a groundbreaking move, 72 children from nine London primary schools step into the role of junior judges, evaluating gardens based on playfulness, wildlife attraction, and emotional appeal. Their verdict will crown the recipient of the prestigious “children’s choice” award.

Underpinning the festivities is a strong emphasis on sustainability and climate action, with many gardens featuring resilient plants amidst changing weather patterns. The event’s commitment to green practices includes a comprehensive environmental audit and a dedication to reducing its carbon footprint.

Garden designer Ann-Marie Powell underscores the need for adaptation to unpredictable conditions, evident in her choice of plants that thrive in extreme weather. This year’s show not only celebrates nature’s resilience but also invites a paradigm shift in gardening practices to align with evolving environmental challenges.

With coverage spanning across BBC channels, the Chelsea Flower Show promises a captivating blend of youthful enthusiasm and environmental consciousness, ensuring a memorable celebration of nature’s beauty and resilience.

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