Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in Moscow amidst complex geopolitical dynamics stemming from Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Key Meetings and Discussions

Modi schedules a dinner meeting and talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin.

Bilateral Cooperation Amidst Sanctions

Despite Western sanctions, Russia remains pivotal in supplying oil and weapons to India, accounting for over 40% of its oil imports.

Defense Cooperation Focus

Focus on defense cooperation despite delays in deliveries due to the Ukraine conflict; negotiations on a military logistics agreement are underway.

International Standing and Geopolitical Alignments

Modi’s visit seen as a chance for Putin to enhance his global stature amidst sanctions and limited international travel.

Economic Ties and Trade Development

Discussion on boosting trade, including plans for a maritime corridor linking Chennai and Vladivostok, amidst growing bilateral trade valued at $65 billion.

Next Diplomatic Stop: Vienna

Following Moscow, Modi plans a visit to Vienna, marking India’s significant diplomatic engagement beyond traditional alliances.

This structure provides a comprehensive overview of Modi’s visit to Moscow and subsequent plans, highlighting key diplomatic, economic, and defense-related aspects.

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