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Investigation Launched Amidst Food Safety Concerns

The Chinese government has initiated a probe into allegations that fuel tankers, inadequately cleaned after transporting toxic chemicals, were subsequently used to transport cooking oil and syrup. This oversight, highlighted by state-run Beijing News, has sparked widespread public outcry over potential food contamination risks.

Industry Open Secret

Reports indicate that transporting food products in improperly cleaned fuel trucks has been a common practice within the industry. This revelation has severely undermined public trust in the government’s ability to enforce stringent food safety standards.

Social Media Frenzy

The controversy has dominated discussions on Chinese social media platforms like Weibo, where tens of thousands of posts have garnered millions of views. Users have expressed profound concerns about food safety, drawing comparisons to past scandals, such as the 2008 Sanlu milk incident.

Corporate Responses

Major Chinese companies, including subsidiaries of Sinograin and the Hopefull Grain and Oil Group, have come under scrutiny. Sinograin has pledged a thorough investigation into potential violations of food safety regulations and has suspended the use of implicated trucks. Hopefull Grain has committed to a comprehensive self-inspection process.

Government Action

Chinese food safety officials have assured the public of a rigorous investigation into the allegations. They have promised swift punishment for any individuals or entities found guilty of wrongdoing, with results of the investigation set to be promptly disclosed. Local authorities in Hebei and Tianjin provinces are also actively looking into the matter.

Ensuring Accountability

State broadcaster CCTV has emphasized that illegal practices will face severe legal consequences, underscoring a commitment to upholding food safety standards and restoring public confidence.

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