Abu Dhabi

After a huge storm caused chaos in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai’s main airlines, Emirates and flydubai, are back in action. They had to cancel lots of flights and delay even more because of the storm, but now everything’s back to normal.

Emirates’ boss, Tim Clark, says they’ve sorted out all the flights and made sure everyone stuck at the airport got somewhere to stay and something to eat. They even gave out thousands of hotel rooms and meal vouchers to help out.

And flydubai is up and running too, with all their flights back on track from Terminals 2 and 3.

But even though things are getting back to normal, the storm left behind a big mess. Some roads are still flooded, especially between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. And it’s not just the roads – the storm caused a lot of problems at Dubai International Airport too, with flights being delayed and canceled.

Experts say that this kind of crazy weather is happening more often because of climate change. It’s a reminder that we need to be ready for more extreme weather in the future and make sure our cities and airports can handle it.

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